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InstaToll Smart Energy Solutions Division

“InstaToll Energy”

InstaToll Group Executive Summary

InstaToll Africa (Pty) has currently three divisions.


The Tolling Business

The tolling business is  currently focused on toll management and systems. 

It develops and owns its ISO, certified Toll Collection system  (ÏT Toll System”) 


Parking Management operations and Systems Business

The parking management divisions develops smart parking management system and operates the parking system for Malls and Airports in RSA.


Energy Division

InstaToll  Energy will focus on providing smart energy solutions to Industrial and Agro-processing companies. The solutions to be provided will focus on energy saving, energy provision through Power Purchase Agreements (PPM)  and Energy Materials such as coal peas, Diesel, HFO etc.


    • Company Name: InstaToll South Africa (Pty) Ltd   
    • Sister Company: InstaToll Africa (Pty) Ltd
    • Current Industry type: 
      • Roads and Toll Operations and Maintenance Services 
      • Parking Management and Systems
      • Smart Energy Solution in particular as an IPP for embedded generation 
    • Location: RSA, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria, DRZ etc. 
    • Industry SETA:TETA
    • Number of Employees: more than 800 including all operations
    • A Level 1 BBBEE contributor 
    • Group Turnover CA R500m 

Business Philosophy

InstaToll is  a service-based company as a result its most valued assets are  its Human Capital; its competitive advantage is the ability to identify new opportunities and execute faster that the competition.  To remain competitive and a market leader in the industry it has to continually improve its service offerings and to introduce innovative technology offerings. 

It has to be nimble and agile in what it does to remain relevant and ahead of the game. 

Drivers of Sucess

Highly skilled work force

It is critical to have or develop the best skilled personnel in the industries that we services

Develop a Company culture hat is unique to give a competitive edge.

Employees that are willing to learn and move to new areas of specialisation

Cost competitiveness

Provide services at a better cost than the competition 

Remain profitable within the lowest cost quartile 

Source products smart to lower costs

Balance between internal resources and outsourced work. 

Smart solutions through technology to lower operational costs 

Product and regional diversification

Offer a diversified product solution with multi skilled work force. 

Grow business organically or through acquisitions across regions.

Look for new markets and services to offer. 

InstaToll Energy

  • InstaToll Energy Provides energy solutions mainly to the manufacturing industries including Agro-processing
  • Solar Energy Solution  through IPP structure
  • The RSA  manufacturing industry has been challenged for a while with increasing costs of electricity above inflation and recently the rolling load shedding due to Eskom inefficiencies. 
  • In order to assist the industry Instatoll Energy has partnered with industry expects and funders to provide embedded solar power to the manufacturing sector. 
  • Understanding that most business will not have funds to finance own energy migration from Eskom it has s partnered with Capital providers to offer a holistic solution that requires no capital from the business owners. The clients has to sign a power purchase agreement with InstaToll Energy (IE) and provide the roof space for IE to install the solar panels or land where possible.
  • We will do the feasibility study upon signing and NDA and MOU  for the project.. 
  • Once the project has been scoped and terms agreed we will raise the necessary capital and do a tenkey solution. 
  • We will bill for electricity consumed and competitive rates and maintain the system through its life for and agreed fee. 

    Our Partners and Suppliers


        • DBSA will provide the necessary capital to implement the projects
        • IDC will be a financial partner to those projects they select to partner in
        • Banks such as ABSA, Nedbank will provide debt Capital to the projects.
        • InstaToll provides equity to the projects and Business development 
        • IACapital (Pty)Ltd will also provide the necessary capital on a need basis. 

    SolarCom Energy (Pty) Ltd (“SCOM”) 

    SolarCom is a reputable  provider of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) for IPP projects and has agreed to perform this function on behalf of InstaToll.

    SCOM shall be the project coordinator that will provide the Turn-Key Solution, specifically including the electrical Audit, design, procurement, installation and operations and maintenance for the following type of projects and solutions:

        • Solar PV; Ground, Roof, Carport
        • DC/ AC Mini Grids
        • Fuel Saver Hybrid-Diesel integration
        • PPA (Power, Purchase, Agreement) 


      Proposed Partnership and Solution for Day Break

      DayBreak  Opportunity

          • Given 
            • the current load shedding and future increases on Electricity
            • The high prices for diesel and coal due to the Russia/Ukraine war
            • Unreliable electricity supply due to theft of copper and lighting in summer 
          • We believe that we can offer Daybreak a reliable electricity supply through an embedded solar project in your farms and rooftops. 
          • Through our funding partners we can raise the necessary capital within three months of completing the feasibility Study and implement the project with another three months. By 2023 February you could have reliable solar energy.


      What we will need

      We will need to conduct a detailed energy consumption and need of your operations. Then provide a tentative solution. This will require us to sign an NDA for the project then A joint Implementation agreement if the feasibility is successful then a Power Purchase Agreement.

      Please give us an opportunity to receive your electricity consumption information, then we put a high level proposal to present to your company.